Chanel Camelia Rubber Sandal (the other version)

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  1. I found this on Japanese Yahoo auction, what do u think girls? I bought the other version, which is based black and flower white and I think I made the rite choice. Mine: LINK



  2. Yes Absolutely Prefer The Ones You Bought They Are Gorgeous
  3. Camellia is supposed to be white.

    black one? hmmm..:rolleyes:
  4. The shoes you bought are the prettiest ! Congratulations, this is a great purchase !! I love them
  5. I like yours better.. i wish the wedges also have this combination.. black with off white camilia..
  6. WOW. These are beautiful!
  7. thanks for posting this pic! i just got a call from my nm SA yeseterday and he told me that he found this pair of white base and black flower for me. i was trying to get the black base and white flower but they are all sold out.

    now i look a this pic... hmm... not sure if i will go buy it though. black camelia just doesn't look right to me... :crybaby:
  8. i have the black with white flower but am returning mine to saks...may i ask where you found your white with black flower pair? i didnt know they had come into stores yet...
  9. i saw this same pair at the chanel boutique in san francisco
  10. congrats for ur find....looks like lots of pfer has been huntin down from that site~

    Lovely thongs, do post modelings pics!!
  11. Really pretty. I think you made the right choice, because the white Camelia gets easily stained within a few wears, either from clothing or just the weather. A black Camelia however wont show any stains !
  12. I do not relate well to black flowers, seems unnatural to me. But this version would be easier to keep clean, the white base is sealed nonporous plastic, and the black flower of course hides all sorts of dirt. Still, a black flower to me feels strange.
  13. I don't prefer to see the black Camelia flower on the sandal. The white on black looks much better. But I have to say that I do like the black Camelia flower ring.
  14. oooooo I love the white with the black...the black just pops....heck there isn't a version of these that I don't like.
  15. I saw these at Barneys a few days ago, and I wasn't too impressed with them IRL. I think that the black with white version is much nicer.
    Plus I would be worried of the white PVC getting stained from the outline of toes (sorry I know that sounds gross, but it happens to all of us) as usually happens with flip flops.