Chanel camelia flower pin

  1. Does anyone have these? Those white or black fabric? (silk maybe?) flower pins that you can wear with your clothing or even in your hair if you attach a bobby pin to it...

    Would love to see pics on how people have worn theirs :smile:
  2. Do you have pictures of the pin?
  3. I would love to know if any of our chanel cuties own any. I am still in love with them. I have always wanted one:girlsigh:
  4. The seasonal Camellias go on sale every year and every year and I think I may buy one... buy never do. I don't think I can pull it off. I suspect it will look great on a very young person. By that I mean, anyone younger than me. :smile:
  5. Wear them on a jacket mostly. I have one that is especially for hair but now my hair is shorter, so in the drawer she sits. One year Chanel made really huge ones and they showed them being worn at the waist. (Would think they would crush up, if you sat down.) The silk ones can be steamed and ever so slightly sprayed with hair spray to stiffen them. (That's what the boutique did to bring it back to new shape.)
  6. hmm--are the silk ones stiff? I think the one I bought is silk...but its stiff feeling but fabric-y and def not tweed or leather :smile:

    do you have a pic of your hairpin one?
  7. Are you referring the one made out of sequinn that cost like in the 1K to over $2K? Those are huge. I wonder if anyone own one.

  8. I used to own more but sold some since I NEVER wear them. I have a couple left just because I love to look at them. I am too lazy to coordinate my pins with my outfits. So they just sadly sit there in the closet. Just for the sake of owning is never good :drool:
  9. ^^ Oh my! The ones on the bottom row are gorgeous!! Especially the one on the right...can go with a lot of my clothes *Drool*.
  10. I suppose my silk ones, I have two, a peach and a black one, were stiff in the beginning. I used to wear them when I worked in a law firm and I recall taking one of them to the boutique and asking how to "revive" it as it began looking a tad wilted.

    As for the hair pin, I'll have to take a pic and post it but it won't be until Friday (coz I'm not tech savvy with the camera and posting etc.)

    The larger flowers weren't sequined but just huge, huge silk ones. One year Chanel made a flower of irridescent plastic that was basically clear but you could see blues and greens depending on the light refraction. Reminded me of those plastic bubbles I made as a kid.
  11. wow.......i really love ur collection
  12. Thanks. :yahoo: Glad to hear. That is why I love this forum. People do take the time to say nice things about each other's collection. Even if there is truely something that is not someone's cup of tea, he or she will simply not leaving a message. I posted the same pictures once in another fashion forum and got some really nasty feedbacks such as "your Chanel pins are so ugly", "outdated" and "all fakes". I stopped going to that forum at once :crybaby:
  13. ^^ wow, sorry to hear that happened on the other forum, bao...
    i was going to say what a lovely collection, and i think with pins, it's ok to just gaze at them and not feel obligated to use them, but to collect them for their beauty alone....very pretty! thank you for sharing!
  14. Thanks. You are all so sweet. :p