CHANEL CAMELIA brooches & pins...

  1. A few years ago when I got into Chanel, I started buying the camellia pins. I found them fascinating and over the years I created a small collection. I wonder if any other TPF members are into camellia pins. If so please post some photos of your favourites... would love to see.
  2. Ladysara Could you share a pic of your small collection?
  3. Hi ladySarah! I just bought my first camellia brooch several weeks ago & i adore it. Several fine lovelies have posted their gorgeous camellias in the Brooch thread as well. I'm honored to be twinsies on this one w/ the ever-so-fine @Bibi25260
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  4. Here's mine collection. But would like to see yours too!

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  5. How lovely and unique! Loving the two on the top!
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  6. Thank you for the photos, lovely to meet other Chanel camelia pin aficionados ... :smile:do you wear yours much?
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  7. Thank you! Those two are from the current pre fall collection.
  8. Great thread @Kendie26. I've been admiring Chanel brooches for a long time and finally took the plunge. They are truly stunning in person; photos don't capture their full beauty.
    Would love to see how everyone styles their pins!
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  9. You chose a real beauty!! Such a winner. I almost got that one when my pearl cc brooch arrived (& I thought it was damaged w/ some black on it...but it was some of the felt that got stuck to it)& my SA said she had this one to send me if i chose to return the one i originally bought. I think i like yours better now!:heart::flowers:
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  10. All the brooches are stunning!!! I'm wearing mine for the first time today. Got it pinnned on right after only 4 attempts haha. This shirt is real stretchy so I am anchoring it around my bra strap :giggle:
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  11. :heart::loveeyes::girlsigh:Looks SUPER! Love it...i love ALL your jewelry! I'll be wearing my pearl brooch out tonight too for dinner w/ friends...I often use my bra or camisole strap too for anchoring it!:tup:
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