chanel cambon?

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  1. Hi there! I am new to chanel and have been seeing a lot of the cambon tote bags lately and was wondering if they are still for sale. I went to the Chanel boutique yesterday at south coast plaza and they said they dont carry them. Does that mean they are not made anymore or seasonal?? It was busy so I didnt really get any questions answered. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  2. Call other boutiques to see if they have them. Not all stores carry the same stuff.
  3. Neiman at the Westchester in White Plains, NY has one black on black.
    I just saw it today. Good Luck
  4. On the website the black on black is part of the timeless collection now
  5. Bloomies at South Coast Plaza has a few black pieces in stock.
  6. I got mine at Bergdorf's.
  7. Thanky you all for the advice! I will continue my search....
  8. When I bought my tote at the begnning of last year, my SA had to search for me, but she did find a couple and had them sent to my store, so you could always do that. :smile:
  9. Most NM's have them, mine always does.
  10. I really like the chanel cambon large tote black in white CC on it... Is it still available in any stores?
  11. I think NM has the black on black avail.
  12. I think Nordstrom Mall of America has it. My SA there is Lucas.
  13. how much is it now? thanks
  14. Hey there, I usually hang out in the LV forum, but lately I have been thinking of getting something Chanel. I really like the cambon line, especially the bowler(I think that is what its called), so my question is, what would a good price be for one of these? And do you think that it would even be worth it to get a cambon bag?