Chanel Cambon

  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to find a Chanel Cambon White medium tote with the black "CC" logo...but I was told by a Chanel salesperson at Saks 5th avenue that Chanel doesn't make any bags from this series anymore.

    Basically, I wanna know if there is anyway that I can find this bag where I will know for sure that it isnt a fake.

    Thank you,
  2. Yep, I am totally in love with this bag too, but unfortunately Chanel doesn't make them anymore.

    The only way to find one is to search one on eBay. Make sure you get it authenticated in the --- Authenticate This Chanel --- thread by tPF's Chanel experts!
  3. Chanel still makes the Cambon line but has discontinued some of the colours, including the white one you are looking for. Best bet is eBay, but like DiorKiss says, have it authenticated first before you buy it. The black cambon is still available in the boutiques. Good luck!
  4. If the black cambon is still available, how much is it? And would I be able to find it in any chanel boutique?
  5. black on black is still available in some styles including the large tote and bowler.
    I think the large tote is $1695.
    Here's mine:
    IMG_2235.jpg IMG_2257.jpg
  6. Ah thank you. Is there still one that is black with a white logo?
  7. I remeber a few months back and i was looking for the cambon flats and they told me that they were no longer being made and not available. I have heard some people saying that very few Chanels were carrying the handbags (like what is left) but don't take my word for it.
  8. no, no black/white.
    Only Cambon still available is black/black or beige/beige
  9. I don't live in Canada but was there a few weeks ago for my birthday. And I *thought* I remember seeing a couple white with black CC Cambon bags at the Chanel boutique in Toronto. Try calling them to see what they have. Good luck!