chanel cambon

  1. do boutiques still sell the chanel cambon? i can't seem to find it anywhere.
  2. I saw a mini bowler, black/white in Heathrow 10 weeks back but nothing since then.
  3. I've seen quite a few in the UK boutiques mainly in black but I know that they have discontinued certain colours like pink, white and chocolate brown. What colour and style were you after???
  4. pink & black.
  5. no, not pink, it was discontinued and clearanced more than a year ago.
    The black on black and beige on beige is still around.
    If not in your boutique, check NM, Saks or Nords.
  6. Check quickly though, my SA told me when I bought my Cambon large tote in black with black patent CC's a few months ago, that they're discontinuing all of the cambon stuff and are replacing it with Cotton Club eventually.
  7. It's similar. It has chain handles and a distressed leather. Blue and beige are the only ones I've seen.
  8. NM in Scottsdale has a few of the black with black patent cc's. 480-990-2100. Kat is my SA and she is wonderful!
  9. Thank you hunny!
  10. Nordstrom has 14 large black on black with pink lining the one in the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills. I was there last monday and asked how many they have because I also want one:tup:.
  11. How much are they retailing for??
  12. ^I'm in Texas in the US and I ended up paying about $1725 including tax for mine. The tax was approx 8.25% (I can't remember for sure)
  13. I got mine for $1695 excluding tax.
  14. I think i saw black with white CC at my boutique. Black on black is still there as well.
  15. I haven't seen the blk on pink in awhile. That's the one you're looking for, yes? You might want to consider eBay.