Chanel Cambon????

  1. I'm a little late to the game but are all the Chanel Cambon handbags gone? I saw one in Vegas last week and I should have bought it but I figured I could get one here in L.A. but now that I am looking I can't seem to find any....
  2. Nordstrom in downtown Seattle has five large Cambon totes - black with black patent CC - for $1595. I can put you in touch with my s/a if you're interested.

    Neiman Marcus has the large beige with beige patent CC tote in stock, as does Saks.
  3. they're still out there:yes:
    My local NM still stocks them.
  4. Just call the Vegas store that you saw it in, they'll do a charge send.
  5. I believe Neiman's in Beverly Hills still has some. I was in there on Friday and I saw two pouchettes (one was black CCs on beige) and I can't remember the other one, but neither were black. I think they also had a Cambon bowler.
  6. YAY:yahoo:my local Nordstrom has 14 still of the black with white CC with the pink lining....