Chanel cambon?

  1. Hey
    I Have wanted to buy a Chanel Cambon for a long time now ,But i know it sounds stupid because almost every designer bag is Replicated(:yucky:) at some point and i hear that Chanel cambon is one of the most replicated
    wich has ALWAYS put me off buying one.
    Because they are sorta expensive and i am one of those people that really does care what people think it has sorta made me think twice about buying one. I mean they are really pretty but yea
    Any advice?
    And also if i do get one i was thinking a tote for daily shopping :graucho: and i would appriciate colour suggestions to please:angel: THANK YOU :smile:
  2. I know I've seen the counterfeit cambon totes at the local swap meet many times. They're gross. I'm actually going to get my cambon tote today. Now that they're changing the style of them, I want to get one of the older ones before they're gone.

    I know that it's a very knocked-off style, but I don't care about that. I wear what I like, and if I know it's real then that's what's important.
  3. I'm in the same spot as you. They're everywhere, and I'm sure their fake because there are 10 year olds carrying them. But if you like it, get it. You'll know it's not fake the everyone else will just look stupid. I can tell most of the time is a cambon is fake or not. If you're looking for a tote (and I see you like LV), why don't you get a Cabas Mezzo or Cabas Piano? That's next on my list.
  4. if it's really what you want, then i say go for it! Thank goodness the replicas of Chanel cambon are horrible, so it's still easy to tell apart :yes: There's few scattered around, ring up Chanel, and they should locate one for ya :yes:

    As far as color wise, i'd go w/black on black or white on black for ultra classic look, pink is also cute, but sometimes i worry what am i going to do w/all the pink stuff i own after the color phase out :sweatdrop:
  5. Heh thanks for the advice! i think i'm going to get a Cambon tote :smile: i already heave Cabas Mezzo. I love totes !

    Thanks every one for the advice ! I love knowing my bags real but its just when you hear people say it's fake and such (My poor Mini Hl gets abit of stick because people think Lv's don't come that small:sweatdrop: ) Gets me a lil wound up You know what i mean? But yea i think i'm going for it!
  6. :p i own alot of pink to i'm slowly trying to disown pink a lil bit before i get carried away But i Like the Black with white. I'm excited now:yahoo: i'm going to call them later !
  7. good luck! there are still a few out there. the black patent cc on black is super cute too!
  8. Good luck!! :flowers:
  9. Tyvm Ya'll :smile::p:flowers:
  10. Nothing compares to the real deal :yes: Despite lots of fakes around, I still love that style very much. :love: Somehow i just cant seem to get tired of it. The black/white and black/black combo is PURETTY!! :love:

    Hope u find one soon! Rem to post some pics yah? :yes:
  11. The Cambon is my favorite line from Chanel. Yes they are faked, but I have never seen a fake one IRL that looked good - they always look fake!!!

    I think almost every designer bag I have has been faked at one point....just like clothes - they are copied from the top designers down to regular mall retail stores.

    Just buy what you like....if you have to worry about it because it's been copied - you'll never be able to get anything!!!!! If you like it, buy it!!!!!
  12. Thanks Guys! I'm going next week to Chanel So i will post pics after! :flowers: