chanel cambon wallet - pics & info needed!

  1. Hi, I really want a chanel cambon wallet - the one that zips round 3 sides and is long with a coin compartment and credit card slots inside, it also has a slot for a pen. Does anyone have pics, or know what its called/how much it costs? (i want blk patent on blk)
    I feel dumb when I call up chanel without knowing the name of the wallet. they don't have much time for people over the phone - in my experience and I really don't want to trek round the whole of london, in the cold, in the hope they have it in stock! :confused1:

    ETA: it also has a slot pocket on the back.
  2. There's not a lot of different Cambon products, you can ask for the long, zippered Cambon wallet.
    Chanel doesn't really name their items like a lot of other brands, so explaining what you want is pretty much the only option w/ an accessory.
  3. thanks for the heads up. I'm just worried that the wallet I'm after may not even exist!!! to be honest the first time I saw it was posted here by a member who was later banned for fraud, since then I've seen it a few times on ebay - but who knows if they were authentic or not???

    thats why I was asking for pics, i want to know if anyone actually owns one?? i'm also thinking of getting the long one without the zip, it just has a zipped coin pocket on the inside. does anyone know the price of that one?
    I only ask because I *hate* talking to the chanel SA's over the phone, I want to get a rough idea before I make a trip to the store.
  4. My NM had a long Cambon wallet a few days ago, I can't remember if it zipped, just remember it being a big, long wallet. I can give you my SA's name if you like.
    She's a doll, she'll answer any questions you have.
  5. ^just so we're clear, that one is a couterfeit, please do not bid on it :yucky:

  6. That's right. There is a zippered wallet like the one she wants. It's got a chequebook slot, pen slot and two cash slots with a coin compartment in the middle and 8 card slots - 4 on each side. I've got one black one with white CC's. I saw a black one with shiny black CCs for sale 6 months ago at the Melbourne (Australia) Chanel boutique but when i went back two weeks ago it was out of season. So your best bet is to purchase it online, not sure if they still have the zippered one in store in the US of A. just have your eye out while buying online.
  7. thanks for the help everyone. sorry swanky mama but I'm in the UK, so your SA wont be much help :smile:

    I'm kinda thinking of going for the second wallet I mentioned now! an MPRS has one on ebay that I want but the BIN price is only like £40 less than retail here in the UK and its used!! I think we still have the patent on black in stock here as the SA i spoke to didn't mention it was discontinued. so if I cant get a deal on this one I will just suck up and go retail.

    ps: I worked out the retail by seeing a price tag in someone elses ebay auction and then realising that the SA I talked to gave me the price for the second wallet I mentioned and not the 3-side-zipped one I was actually asking the price of :s
  8. yep thats the style I originally had my eye on, I actually checked that one out on EBay but just the sob story alone was enough to put me off!!!!

    A. Backpackers round europe don't buy chanel wallets

    B. The mentioned retail price is WAY too low

    C. If someone bought me a coach and chanel wallet at the same time I would rather use the coach wallet as a rag to clean the chanel wallet rather than sell the chanel for less than retail!!
  9. That wallet in the auction was a fake,but that model do exists...i have it in pink/black...gorgeous!!:yes: :nuts: I have the small Cambon wallet's quite smaller though!! If you want to see some pics,just let me know!:flowers:
  10. I have the one you're talking about. It's about 8 X 6. Mine is black with white CC's. Ask for the large cambon zip around wallet. I think it might be discontinued but Chanel might be able to locate one for you. It retails for around $850-875...can't remember the exact price.
  11. can anyone please tell me how much a square sized chanel cambon line wallet, black with white logo, would cost?
  12. omg, this is an old thread from 06...