Chanel Cambon Wallet - Does anyone have pictures of different style?

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  1. Chanel Cambon Wallet - Does anyone have pictures of different style?
  2. Anybody? :unsure:
  3. What were you looking for exactly? I've got the white with black C's and pink interior (small) that I can take pictures of for you. :smile:
  4. Tori has the MOST gorgeous chanel wallets!!! :love: :love: :love:

    Ask her to take pictures for you. I want to see them again! ;)

    How's the weather in the 808 land Tori? I'm thinking about visiting in a couple of months.

  5. I have the billfold:





    Those pics are old, ignore the watermark because the email address no longer works.

    Oh, and I don't like using that wallet at all. The card slots are too tight and it's hell getting my cards in and out. I should have someone break it in for me :lol:
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  6. Oh Lulu the tab and the pink interior is TDF! How about jamming 2 cards per slot to loosen it up faster?
  7. Good idea bluekit! Thanks!
  8. elle, how much was your wallet?
  9. Thank you! It is very very appreciated!

    Does anyone have a picture of the checkbook style?
  10. Elle your wallet s beautiful!!!! You MUST take advantage & use it!!!
  11. Thanks girls! My wallet was $565 I think. I forget the exact price, but it's somewhere in that range.
  12. I got the teeny credit card holder style for use in my medium caviar classic which I use for evening wear. It is small enough for a small bag when you just need a credit card, ID and cash. The other wallets are too big.

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  13. i have the same cc holder that blkladylaw has..but in pink. its great and fits quite a bit, a lot more than the LV pochette cles. I use mine a lot.
  14. elle, your wallet is gorgeous!!!
  15. I have the same wallet in white and love it.