Chanel Cambon Wallet - Does anyone have pictures of different style?

Tori has the MOST gorgeous chanel wallets!!! :love: :love: :love:

Ask her to take pictures for you. I want to see them again! ;)

How's the weather in the 808 land Tori? I'm thinking about visiting in a couple of months.

I have the billfold:





Those pics are old, ignore the watermark because the email address no longer works.

Oh, and I don't like using that wallet at all. The card slots are too tight and it's hell getting my cards in and out. I should have someone break it in for me :lol:
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I got the teeny credit card holder style for use in my medium caviar classic which I use for evening wear. It is small enough for a small bag when you just need a credit card, ID and cash. The other wallets are too big.


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