chanel cambon tote!

  1. im looking for a white chanel cambon tote with black Cs that could probably be used to carry school books...(a binder and a textbook is all..)
    im wondering whats the retail price of one that would fit my books,
    and if they still have them in stores?
    also, has anybody seen some authentic ones out there that are used?
    i had this one authenticated for me, but im still unsure...can these totes really be that inexpensive??? (well. for chanel...)

    thanks so much for your help. im really uneducated when it comes to chanel, but i absolutely love the cambon line!
  2. That particular color was on sale last year for upto 50% off retail. I believe that it originally retailed for around $1,500-$1,600. So the fact that it is used and the current bid is $580 doesn't concern me. This bag looks authentic to me.:yes:
  3. retail IS $1495.00, they were upto 60% off last summer after Saks 3rd markdown.
  4. thanks! but if i dont get this, then do they stilll sell them now and/or have them on sale??
    im pretty bad at eBay...
  5. I'm sure that all of the cambon that went on sale is completely sold out by now.

    You can get the black cambon at retail price however.
  6. Why in UK Cambon bag is never be on sale????? Sale bag looks ugly and not nice at all. More over just 30% off.
  7. thanks!
    but retail is pretty steep considering the ebay prices..
  8. I responded on the other topic in the handbags forum, but between this and the LV, I'd get the LV..the calfskin on these bags isn't AS durable as the LV canvas will be. It has a tendency to get scuffed and the white, especially, will need to be really well taken care of. I just wouldn't suggest this particular bag for school books. Maybe in a darker color though, if anything.