Chanel Cambon Tote

  1. Hi, I'm new to PurseForum and was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to tell me what the different dimensions of the Chanel Cambon tote are and if someone cld post pics of them with it so that I can have an idea of how the different bags might look on me. I'm 5'1 and am looking for a tote that fits nicely under my arm and carries everyday stuff. Thanks! :P
  2. Welcome!! This place is addictive...

    The Medium tote would be the best for you. I would totally recommend it. It fits quite nicely under the arm, its roomy and comfortable which are very important. Unfortunately I can't post any pictures, but I can tell you that it is suuuuper cute and only $1275
  3. Hi, I have the large cambon tote & love it! It is pretty large so I mainly use it for when I go to class. I am also 5'1 & here are some pictures of me with it!
    2375.jpg 2377.jpg
  4. I'm 5'2 and tried on the large cambon tote a few days ago and I love it! I will be getting it but I'm still searching high and low for the pink one, which is nowhere to be found. :crybaby: Otherwise, I might have to get the black one...