Chanel Cambon Tote

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  1. Hi! I'm in love with the Chanel bags and am finally going to get one. I love the cambon line (particularly looking for the large tote). Does anyone know if any of the southern california stores still carry this? I'm looking for the black with black C's or black with white C's.


    Does anyone have this bag and if so, how big is the large compared to the medium? I want something that is big enough for my laptop.
  2. Only Black on Black is current anymore. You will have to buy pre-loved to get black/white.

    The large size would likely fit your laptop.
  3. The large is a lot bigger than the medium but neither will fit your laptop, unless it's really small. I was under the impression that only black on black is still available too but then someone said that the white on black was around too so try doing a search for it. Your best bet is going to be a Chanel boutique, department stores don't really stock the Cambon bags much any more.
  4. do you know if the reporter is still available in the shops?
  5. I don't think the reporter is only the totes, pouchete and wallets.
  6. Thank you, too bad...
  7. the large Cambon will definitely fit a regular laptop :yes:
    Best to just start calling around; call a boutique and ask them to search the country, same w/ NM, etc. . .
  8. I just pulled mine out and I could fit my black mac book in there but it just fit and I would not recommend doing it because it sort of misshapes the bag. It should be a nice ovalish shape but it turns it more square. I also don't think it's made to support that much weight on a regular basis.
  9. I found one today at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus! (Black on Black, large). Neither of the Beverly Hills boutiques had it or Saks. My netbook fits perfectly with plenty of room to spare! I LOVE it so much!!!!! My first Chanel :smile:
  10. I am happy for you.:biggrin:
  11. Congrats! The black on black large tote is my favorite from the cambon line! I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Is this tote still popular or dated as many seem more incline to buy the GST or REissue
  13. I looked at this one when deciding on the GST last week, I really liked it but the GST won although I would still like to get this as well.
  14. That's a relief! I was considering the Cambon tote
    Any idea how much is the large one and you reckon it can contain as much things as the GST?
  15. I think the cambon is classic and the gst is too! Both are roomy, but the gst has more compartments and cambon is simple with a zip. (I have