Chanel cambon tote

  1. im thinking that i want to invest in a chanel cambon tote but i have a few question

    1. would you get the medium or large tote?

    2. and i know that it is a discountined line so what is the max that i should pay for one on eBay?

    thanks so much

  2. 1) large only for me, the medium is smaller than you'd imagine.
    Have you seen a medium IRL?

    2) Cambons actually are not discontinued. Only the small and medium totes and the 2-tone colors were discontinued.
  3. Get a large, and I would be very careful of eBay.
  4. I found the large size to be too much bag for me, I have the medium size, it's like the size of an LV bucket. I liked this size much better. But if you carry a lot of stuff, then the larger size may be for you. Either way, the cambon bags are so cute.
  5. I have the large and remember when first removing it from the dustbag, thought I was sent the wrong size. It is plenty large now to hold my items but for some reason, photos make it look bigger, IMO anyway.

    It's not a large tote despite the name; it's more medium/large to me.
  6. Large for me!
  7. Roey, ITA:yes:
    The medium is more like a small, the large isn't at all massive.
  8. I have the meduim and think it is really spacious- I can fit so much in mine. I was gonna get the large, but when I tried it on in the store it looked huge on me. You should think to yourself how much things you pack in your bag and maybe take into consideration your height and weight to decide which size may suit you best.
  9. i agree with Roey too, and the large is also light!! i think you'll love it...
  10. large is very cute, and not OVERLY large where it's overbearing.
  11. the large is defintely more of a medium/large size so I would say go for that one. i have one and it's so easy to carry around since it's super light.
  12. Definitely get the large, the medium is really small. I've seen the prices for a large white on black cambon go for crazy prices, way more than retail. I saw one go for $2500 once which is crazy. You can still get a white on black and black patent on black at the boutiques. They are about $1700 plus tax.
    The white on black large cambon was my first Chanel and so worth it!
  13. Yeah, some eBay sellers are listing the black/black patent large totes at hundreds over retail claiming they are all sold out when they're actually sitting in stores at $1695 retail. And Chanel isn't planning to phase out the black/black patent or beige/beige patent yet; they will be priced at $1925 for the next price increase (November 1st).
  14. I say go for Large. I had the large and it was great.
  15. I also agree, I have the pink/black in medium and the black/white in large and tend to prefer the large.
    It's really not that big as others have said (I also have the LV Mezzo and it's much bigger than the Cambon one). The medium is pretty small so I think you'd be better off getting the larger one. :yes: