Chanel cambon or large which size is more practical and stylish?

  1. can someone tell me which size is better :shrugs: and does anyone own both and if so can you post pics of the two next to each other for me???PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  2. I could only ever buy the large, the small is teeny and the medium is really a small bag as well.
  3. I agree, I have both a pink/black medium one and a black/white large one and the large is much more practical.
  4. The large one is the only one I'd buy!
  5. If you're looking for practicality (style is a definite is you get any Chanel IMO!), I would say the large for sure! :smile:

  6. By far, go for the large. I had the medium and sold it on eBay. The large is the PERFECT size :yes:
  7. I'd say the medium as I am quites small 5'4 and a size 6(US SIZE2) and it fits more than enough, the large I would feel would look huge on me:yes:
  8. In my opinion, definitely the large. I had the medium and it was too small. I think the large is a perfect size.:smile:
  9. I have both and love the large one. It's hard to fit the medium over the shoulder.