Chanel cambon sweater...

  1. Yep--I ended up with that piece it off eBay for a great price

    Here are modeling pics yet since I havent gotten a chance to try it on...




    I think iluvchanel (Ann) has it in the cardigan version too...would love to see pics of yours heehee...

    I'll post modeling pics later once I'm not so sleepy...
  2. Yay! I'm so glad a PF'er got this! It's beautiful! Cant wait to see a modeling pic.
  3. wow! I LOVE this! Congrats on such a gorgeous sweater!
  4. jeez, girl... someone's been busy!! :yes:

    great new LA bag AND a cambon sweater!! What else are you lusting after??

    Anyhow, great new additions... may I note that your collection is very well rounded!
  5. Ohhh Cory, it's so cute!! :love: I know you'll look fab in it!! :love: Post some modeling pics soon if you can hehe... I'd love to see it on! ;) :smile:
  6. that's really cute :tup:
  7. gorgeousness.
  8. Ohh I remember seeing this at Neimans in KOP during one of their sales a few years back. I was in love with the cardigan! I passed on it at the time, but came back to look for it during the Last Call sale, and they were all gone :sad:.

    Congratulations on your score!
  9. cool sweater!
  10. very nice buy. this was always a fav collection of mine
  11. here are the modeling pics =)



    I had a hard time taking a pic of the sweater and capturing the true beauty of it..had to take pics with my left hand :nogood:
  12. it looks fab on you! fits you very well
  13. That is one cool sweater. Congrats on it!
  14. Wow, I agree- it fits perfectly! It's so gorgeous and looks so soft and comfy. I want a black one so badly now :drool:
  15. wow, it looks so good on you.