chanel cambon size

  1. Hi ladies and gent :smile:

    I just ordered a medium size cambon tote. and i received my bag today. However, i am wondering if i am getting the right size. I ordered medium and yet box says "petit" ?

    So i am wondering

    1) how much is the retail of the small and medium cambon tote?

    2) what is the dimension of the small and medium cambon tote?

    I greatly appreciate all your help. ~

    Thanks everyone. :heart:
  2. my small tote is abouut 8 x 8 x 4. the retail was $1095. i think the medium retail is $1295 (or around there)..not sure of the dimensions
  3. And the large one retails for $1495
  4. I got my tote and its size is 8 x 9 and its priced $1275 ( I paid 892 for it excluding tax. NM only has 30% off in chanel cambon)

    I am not sure if mine should actually be a small size? Since it is so close to 8 x 8 ?? though the sales rep told me its the medium size and charges me the medium size price..
  5. oh.. so the difference between the small and the medium is just 1 inch? :amazed:

    I know Saks still have the small pink tote and is priced $675 (40% off) Seems that i am paying a lot of difference for just 1 inch difference..

    haha. I might as well get the small size tote then....:hrmm:
  6. does it fit comfortably over your shoulder? the medium does. the small one is meant to be hand held. also, the medium has a zippered top and the small is open
  7. oh... then mine is definitely the medium size... Mine has a zippered top. I think i'll return mine and get the smaller size from Saks... since the difference is just 1 inch..

    Thank you ladies. :biggrin:
  8. ^The main difference between the medium and the small totes is that the small tote is an open top ... no zipper closure, that's why I bought the medium because I wanted to be able to close it.
  9. ^Plus, the straps fit over the shoulder in the medium, like hfx said.
  10. thats the only main difference?
    i guess it wont matter to me then.. since i dont like to zip up my bag.. :biggrin:
  11. have you seen the small tote in real life? even though it's only 1 in., there's a notable difference between the two, maybe you can find a medium tote at Saks?

    ETA: just read your response above, sorry
  12. I tried.. i called about 3 Saks stores and they all dont have it.. I should have gotten the bag when i know about the presale. I just didnt think i'll like it.. THe bag grows on me after seeing pictures of you ladies carrying it. :biggrin:

    Maybe i'll just order another small one. and see how it really is in real life. I have saks and nm right here in vegas, so i'll just return it if i dont like it.

    ps: sale is not final, right?
  13. guys are making me rethink the medium tote. Maybe I should have done the small.
  14. hahahaha :biggrin:

    well.. i got mine at 30% off instead of 40% off.. so its about $200 with tax and shipping difference..

    If you got yours at 40% off, i'll say keep the medium. :smile:
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