Chanel Cambon Reporter--What is a reasonable resale price?

  1. I posted a simliar thread in the Louis Vuitton forum and now I'm wanting some expert Chanel advice.

    I am raising money for a huge LV purchase and have to sell some stuff.

    I'm wondering what everyones opinion is on the Cambon Reporter in white/python. What would be a reasonable sales price on ebay?

    I don't have time for trial and errror in the form of listing and relisting. I need to price it to sell quickly b-cuz I'm using the money for another purchase.

    Also b-cuz its such a high ticket item would you recommend a buy it now/best offer, a regular auction or just a buy it now?

    So what do you ladies think? Price? Suggestions?
    It is brand new. Thanks :flowers:
  2. Another PF'er has a brand new one up for auction, I'm surprised someone hasn't snatched it up already.

    eBay: CHANEL Cambon Multipocket Reporter Bag Tote White / Blk (item 190048435193 end time Nov-12-06 05:32:58 PST)
  3. Ouch. That's really low. I'm going to price my bag higher than that.

    Luckily mine is different. Its the white/python
  4. ^^^I don't get it either!! That is a great price on a phenomenal bag:shrugs: . I would think that a very fair price for this color is $1700-1800 range--only because the white, pink and tan went on sale so people will be expecting a bargain (even though they sold out at that price very quickly)...Personally I think that they should garner more...(ofcoures that is because I have two of them!:graucho: )
    Good luck with sale!
  5. I think people are indifferent between white w/black and white w/python. Just my opinion based on eBay auctions.

    I've seen the white w/python camera bags sell really cheap too.
  6. I agree with Smooth. I've sold 2 reporters on ebay in the last 2 months and they barely went over $1500. I did some research before listing and the most I saw a white/python go for was about $1900. However, there were 2 or 3 for sale at the same time and that is the only one that sold. Good luck with your sale, I don't think I have seen any of those up for a while so hopefully you'll get what you want for it! It is a wonderful bag and the python is my favorite!!
  7. I agre that the fact that these were marked WAY down for a few lucky people have hurt some re-sell value.
    Best of luck!
  8. Oh man. :Push: That's a hard pill to swallow.

    I guess I will have to see what happens. If I can't get a certain amount then I'll just keep it and sell something else.

    I need to raise money but I cannot give it away. Geez. I'm sad.
    Maybe I'll have better luck though. You never know

    Thanks for everyones help:flowers:
  9. Well, I would wait till close to year end to sell it.
  10. did you do a search of ended auctions to get a feel for what people are stating them at and are getting for them?
  11. cambons are def. not going to go for a very high price...esp. since their phasing it out and getting a new replacement so yes sell it quick!

    Plus Chanel re-selling values are without a doubt lower than LV. Btw is yours used? Its always nice to start your price high (as the seller) but I think you'll less likely get any bids esp. for the first couple weeks of listing it. If your patient and wait for the right buyer to come - your asking price shouldn't be a problem. But if you in need to sell to fund you might have to go according to other reporter prices on ebay.

    Similarly I agree with smooth and bella (many of us don't see the python being different from the regular CC's but good luck anyways the reporter is gorgeous)
  12. Amanda, I just took a look and most Cambon reporters are selling in the $1,500. One beige/black combo did sell for $2,300 but that was the exception.
  13. That's the market then:yes:
  14. Hmmm. I wonder if my black/white one will sell better?
    But I don't really want to get rid of that one
  15. I think black/white will sell better, but to be honest, since they were around 40% off brand new from Saks, and they're one of the most faked styles, I don't think you can get more than that price either.