Chanel Cambon Reporter Multipockets.....classy or trendy?

  1. I have this bag but i have a second you think this bag is classy or trendy? thanks for your opinions
  2. Although I really really love the bag, I find it more on the trendy side. When I think classic, 2.55 comes to mind
  3. I would call it trendy.
  4. Trendy though I love that bag. Keep it!
  5. I've always liked the reporter, but do you use it as an everyday bag or overnight or gym bag? I would love to use one as a gym bag, but think it might be a little much...not to mention expensive. I have never seen one and thought it was fairly large.
  6. It's large, but not large enough to be a gym bag.
  7. def. more trendy than classy.. but still FABULOUS~
  8. Hmm it is very trendy but it's a great style! Loved it right away!
  9. I think its a little tendy and bulky but if you like it thats all that matters! Lots of hollywood celebrities wear it and I think its the top choice among them
  10. Its trendy, but not seen all that often. I think the hefty price has a lot to do with it.
  11. It used to be my favorite Chanel, but since joining this forum that title has been tranferred to the classic flap, shopping tote, and lux bags, so I'd have to say trendy.
  12. I'm thinking pretty much anything Cambon is more trendy than classic. But trendy is so much more fun! :amuse:
  13. Thanks great to see many people have the same thoughts...i think it's trendy too.... doyou guys think i should exchange it with something more classic like the one with the flap (not cambon line)?
  14. It Is Trendy. But, Still Very Beautiful.
  15. i'm going to say: Trendy! but its such a beautiful bag!!!