Chanel Cambon Reporter bag specifications

  1. Hi all,

    I'm desperately looking for this bag in white for my fiance, and after scouring the web I've come to the conclusion that I really don't know enough about it to make a decision of which one is authentic. Can any proud owners post some pictures if you have the white version? What I'd like to know is the inside color, what things to look for in the real version. I also see that some list them as 18" and some as 12" and some as 16".... what is the real size?

    I read in someone's Chanel guide that the fake ones use an old care booklet - what does this mean? :weird:

    And... if I can't find a real one on eBay where would I look?

  2. the mini reporter is 2625, the bigger is 3125 or more. haven't seen the white one in person. a friend of mine got the white on black, interior is hot pink. very nice. if you want to get a real one, go to chanel boutique, neiman, or Saks. all others sites sell fakes.
  3. Are they even still available?
  4. The cambon line is permanent, so yes, they are still available. If they do not have them at your local store/boutique, an SA should be happy to help you find one!
  5. Don't buy them online. You can't buy Chanel online (except for bluefly).

    Go to Saks or NM and get a SA to help you!!
    They can give you soooo much advice and help you with everything!! ;)

    Oh also, have you tried looking back in this forum? :smile:
  6. Really? So I would be able to find a Reporter in the store? Yay!

    I tried to post a want ad but I have to have 75 posts before I can...
  7. I read in someone's Chanel guide that the fake ones use an old care booklet - what does this mean? :weird:

    The color of the old care booklet is black with gold trim around it has Chanel on it and the CC symbol. The newer care booklet is just black with Chanel written on it.

    Also, I belive the older booklets are shiny looking and the new booklets are more matted
  8. Has anyone seen a white one with black CC on it around? :smile:
  9. you might want to try Neiman Marcus in Sand Diego. My cousin got hers at that store...they are really helpful!