Chanel Cambon Pink

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  1. Hello,

    I just recently purchased a Chanel Cambon off ebay - the ad listed stated it was a medium. However, upon receiving the bag today, although beautiful is VERY small.

    Can anyone tell me if I happened to get a small by mistake?


  2. Hiya , I think your purchase is fantastic !!
    Don't think they made a small, just medium & large .
    I have the large , such a wonderful fun bag :smile: x ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392506816.080497.jpg
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    Yes, they made a small one, but the one in these pics is for sure the medium.

    Not sure what you were expecting for size, as the pics are fairly accurate. It's a good size and still able to fit on your shoulder. I've never had a problem carrying lots in mine. It's big enough to fit a book, agenda, sunglasses, big wallet, etc....

    Did you verify the dimensions of the one you received with the dimensions listed?

  4. Jacsxcc- I absoultely LOVE your bag! I originally wanted to get the large, but even after being discontinued for several years, the Large Cambon is still very expensive.

    I'm so used to carrying large totes by Victoria's Secret and Coach that I was hoping the medium would be a bit larger. I do love it, I'll just have to downsize the amount of cr*p I carry with me :lol:
  5. CoachGrrl

    So pleased you like it . This is definitely the large size & have the product code on the receipt that shows this. It doesn't get larger than this size.
    Such a nice bag for everyday & the hot pink interior is such fun ! :smile:

  6. I have checked my receipt & my photo is the large size .
  7. Mine is the Medium ;)