Chanel Cambon Pink Bowling

  1. My sister wants one of these and I told her I'd see if they're around...I don't know much about Chanel so maybe you girls could help? She sent me this picture. thanks! Anyone know what retail is or where I can find one for her? :love:

  2. The retail is $1500 here in Canada.
    As in other threads, the pink color has been disco'd, but you can still find some if you call the Chanel number.
    Gorgeous bag!
  3. I paid $1,495 plus tax for my black bowling bag last October. There has been a price increase since then (I was told). You can find authentic one's on eBay from time to time, but you have to KNOW how to tell the difference between authentic and fake.
  4. This was in USD? Oh wow! its cheaper in Canada...for once!
  5. i sent u the email about the one im selling :smile:
  6. oooh its a gorgeous bag! i have one too, and i adore it! definitely use shining monkey or applegarde, cuz pink is a light color!
  7. Can I confirm with you guys that is definitely a shoulder bag, and if it is does it sit ok on your shoulder? She saw it on some girl on the Real Life I guess lol and is now obsessed! Is it hard to find the pink?
  8. About the shoulder is kind of cumbersome, being that it is quite big and the straps are placed further apart. I could wear it on my shoulder, but the outer strap kept falling and it looked really stupid. My SA told me not to get it for this reason and I ended up with something else b/c I was in the market for something I could wear on the shoulder comfortably and not another hand-held. I have seen some ladies wear them fine on their shoulders, I guess it depends on how much of a shoulder shelf they have.
  9. What's the Chanel # please? Thanks! :nuts: Is the actual name the cambon bowling purse in pink? No clue lol.