Chanel Cambon or Medallion

  1. I am really looking for these bags in black.
    I was wondering were is a good place to get them for a good price and also what is a good price for these bags?

    Thanks sooo much.

    I'm new and I'm afraid to buy on eBay because some of the fakes are soo good now. I'd be soo disappointed.
  2. The Cambon is much more highly faked than the Medallion, but authentic bags do materalize a lot on eBay. I won an authentic Medallion for only $776, and the wonderful gals from the "Authenticate This" thread here in the Shopping forum (look up top at the "Sticky") helped ensure it was real. So if you find something you like on eBay, defintely post the link(s) in the "Authenticate This" thread for assistance and peace of mind before bidding.
  3. Those bags might show up on It's a reputable place to buy chanel for a good price, and was highly recommended by some tpf members. I bought a cambon pochette from them and I love it!!