Chanel Cambon or 2.55?

  1. I am hoping to make my first ever Chanel purchase and was wondering if I could have some help. I like the Cambon but the 2.55 is more of a classic, I don't want the original or the reissue but the one with the cc lock, please could you give me your views on this, also is it true the pink Cambons with the black letters have been discontinued? Also what colours are the 2.55's likely to be made in this year?

    And do I go fot the lambskin or the other leather, the one that is harder and cheaper? I hear the softer lambskin scratches...
  2. black with pink cambons are discontinued indefinitely. I'd go with the classic flap. Cambons are nice but not my style - they're abit too young for me - even though I'm only 22! For a first Chanel, I would want something distinctly Chanel such as the flap. The new colors I hear are lime green and some taupe color (to show off the new "Soft Caviar" leather). I was at my NM yesterday, and they still have purple caviar, dark beige, black, white - classic colors that Chanel will never discontinue.

    Lambskin will wear out faster and does collect scratches. Go for caviar for durability. Although my first Chanel was a lambskin, I have to baby it to maintain it. Still love it to bits!
  3. I'm 23 so only a little older, I just think the Cambons look a bit fake as you do see so many fakes about, do you know when the green is coming out? Will that be in England too? Is it lime? sounds lovely! Also, what is the best size to use for day and night? Small Mediumor large?
  4. Rosie, my first Chanel wasn't a flap but an Ultimate Soft in lambskin leather. It's a slouchy hobo model. I actually have not bought a classic flap yet. I'm partial to the reissues-I have one reissue in bordeaux. Though I will seek out a dark beige caviar in gold hw or red caviar with gold sometime soon! :smile:

    Check the pictures under "Chanel Reference Library" > "Pics of your classic flaps...etc" at the top of the CHANEL forum
    I listed my bordeaux 225 reissue there in the latter pages. And you can see other ladies' classic flaps, reissue models too!
  5. The Jumbo flap is the traditional one you of the new colors i saw yesterday is a gorgeous denim blue with a gray tint................its beautiful

    I think this bag is also called the 255!

    Also, get the caviar leather, much less likely to get scratched and much more durable
    although the lambskin is beautiflu
  6. my first Chanel was a cambon, its fun and not so serious... depends on what type of bag you like!

    You should refer to the Cc locks as "classic double flap" because 2.55 is a confusing term and you'll just end up confused and the SA that helps you may also not know which is which.

    Good luck with your decision
    I'm sure you'll love both!
  7. Definitely the classic flap!
  8. My first Chanel was a Cambon bowling bag, black with white CC's. While I think it is a classy bag, I do think that as I get older and grow in my profession, I will be wanting a 2.55, so I would recommend that.
    Good luck:flowers:
  9. I am a big fan of the 255 in caviar leather- very durable and beautiful!
  10. Ditto!
  11. Thanks guys, does the lambskin scratch more than other leather then? How does it compare with scratching to Chloe Paddy leather or Balenciaga leather? If they get scratched does that improve the look of the bag as in Mulberry bags or does it look bad? Does the Caviar look as good?
  12. My first CC bag was a medium black Cambon with black CC. I also confuse at the beginning between 2.55 and cambon but end up I buy cambon because I wanted a bag that can contain all my belonging. Maybe my next purchase will be 2.55.
  13. I would get the 2.55 in either Caviar or Distressed Lambskin. I have both and they're wearing great.
  14. A 2.55 definitely :yes:
  15. i rather the 2.55 in caviar