Chanel Cambon, MJ Baby Stam or neither?


Chanel, MJ or neither

  1. Cambon

  2. Baby Stam

  3. Neither - save the $!

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  1. please help me choose-->

    3d_1.jpg $750

    s42u5l.jpg $600
  2. Go for Chanel!
  3. i say cambon! the chain on the newer MJ bags is so trendy imo. chanel is classic all the way.
  4. I voted for the chanel.. but i wouldve choosen it in a light color!! i dont know i am in summer mode these days :biggrin:
  5. Chanel!
  6. Chanel is classic, so I say go for that.
  7. Chanel. Even tho, I'm not too thrilled with the handles.
  8. Twink! I think the Cambon is adorable, price isnt so bad either. Let us know which the winner will be!
  9. Pursemama can I ask what you don't like about the handles?!? :blink:

  10. I don't even think it's a fair fight. If you have to choose, Chanel wins over a Stam any day.
  11. I'd choose Chanel over MJ anyday. I have this bowler and I absolutely love it. :love:
  12. Baby Stam for its shape, the gatherings (near the kisslock) are cute.
    I personally don't like contrast colors on bags -- white on black in this Cambon. I like certain styles of Chanel, Cambon line is not a favorite of mine (too square & boxy).