Chanel Cambon Mini Bowler

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? If so, how much is retail, and is it at all functional? ..or can you just fit a few things in?
  2. its 1195 i believe.
  3. the mini bowler is soo mini! i'd pay the extra 200-300 and get the large bowling bag. i saw it in the store but wouldn't even consider it due to its small size.
  4. i agree with blushingbaby.. put down a little more and get the bigger one. the mini REALLY is a MINI.
  5. i prefer the large bowling bag cuz it can carry so much more!
  6. Do you know if ligne cambon is coming in new colors?
    What is the best color for the bowling handbag?
  7. i think im going to be listing my khaki/black cambon bowler in the market place tonight!! just an FYI lol
  8. I have the mini bowler! It is small, but it is really cute. :smile:

    Now I wish I have the large cambon bowler though.
  9. Starfused....this very thing happens to me a lot! I buy something I fall head over heals for and then a few days later I think, "Why didn't I get this in the larger size"????? Ugh!
  10. shopmom, I cant agree with you more! It gets so fustrating at times. :lol:

    If only I've got all the money in the world. :love: