Chanel Cambon Messanger or Bowling Bag

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  1. To those ladies that have either or...which do you find you get the most use of? I want to purchase one of the two, but would like some valuable input! Thanks! :biggrin:

    edit * "messenger" bag
  2. I like the shape of the bowling bag. What color?
  3. I would be looking to get it in black...b/c I have the white pochette and it just gets sooo dirty! *cries*
  4. I wanted the large messenger in Black...couldnt find it stores are sold out....

  5. I decided to get a messenger, since that's really the only style I'm missing. The bowler is cute, maybe I will get it while I'm on my vacation. I thought the messenger would be more practical for now...

    My SA managed to track one down for me today with white CC's on black. Actually there was about 14 or so scattered in various boutiques around the country (Canada). The bag should be in by Friday...I can't wait! :love:
  6. I have both, the bb is black w/white cc's and the messenger is white w/black cc's. They each have their purpose, I think it comes down to personal preference :smile:
  7. Where did you find the messenger bags..what store?? I was looking for the large black one...THANKS!!
  8. They were shipping one out to me from Vancouver, but the computer was showing a few in Toronto as well.

    Its so hard to decide really, both the bowling bag and the messenger are hot bags!
  9. So I'm still trying to figure out which of these styles I want to buy. My local boutique has none of the colors i want and i'm currently waiting for them to arrive, for those with the bowling bag, does it fit comfortably on the shoulder? I tried it on in the store, but the one strap always falls down, i'm sure the leather will soften up a bit? Or are you mostly carrying it as a hand-held? TIA!
  10. i quite like the bowling bag style! in the black with the white cc
  11. another vote for the bowling bag!