Chanel Cambon.. Medium or Large Tote?

  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to buy a black cambon tote and I can't decide which one is the best, the medium size or large size.
    Does anyone have an idea how big is the large one? for a 5'7'' height and slim, does it look too big?.

    I'm trying to buy it online and I have no idea how they are because I've never seen it in person yet. Please help!!!.

    Have a nice week all!.:yahoo:
  2. If you buy a Chanel on line (except for some very specific sellers on eBay), you're buying a fake. As for the tote, the large is a good overall size that would work for you. I found the medium to be too small; makes a good lunch bag.
  3. I agree. I'm 5'5" (not slim though) and have the large black on black Cambon. I love it. :smile:
  4. I would definitely err on the side of caution if you are trying to purchase the cambon tote online - it's probably Chanels most highly faked line. Of the two sizes, I think the small is tiny, and the large really isn't that big at all. I would check out the pictures in the Reference Library, and if you have any authenticity questions, the ladies in the Authenticate This forum will help! :smile:
  5. I'm 5'7" and I have the large tote and I love how it looks. In my opinion, the medium size looks a little awkward. My vote is for the large! :yes:
  6. the medium is actually very small compared to other "medium" bags, I'd go for the large only personally.
  7. I am 5'5 and I have the meduim and it fits alot of thinhs, I find the large to big for my body.
  8. I'm 5'7 and slim 2, :p , and I have a medium tote. I love it, I personally think large is too big for me.
  9. I am 5-7 120 lbs and I have had both the medium and large. Like Swanky said, the medium is not really a medium it is more of a small tote. The large is absolutely perfect for me. You can fit tons in it on days when you want to lug around a bunch of stuff and also go minimalist and it looks great. Also, like the other gals said, the only place you can buy Chanel is at an authorized store or boutique. If you buy on eBay be VERY wary as I had a powerseller steal my authentic Chanel bag photos and post them on their auction, presumably so they could sell a fake. Good luck to you!
  10. I'm 5'7" and medium build. The Large is perfect for a tall person like us.
    Call Denise at Nordstrom Seattle- she got mine for me last month. Love it!
  11. I would go for the large. I think it is easy to grow out of the medium.