Chanel Cambon line/trendiness?

  1. Hi girls - I don't know much about Chanel but I just bought my sis a pink/black chanel cambon bowling bag. I hope she likes it, but my question is, is the Cambon very trendy to have lasting power? I know the classics like the 2.55 and all will stand the test of time, but what about the Cambon? Like could you carry it years from now and still have it be ok? I'm wondering because if she doesn't like it I might snag it:love: :nuts: :amuse: Not sure if Chanel is me, so I might sell it and wouldn't want to miss the high point of the Cambon line and not be able to sell :cry:

    Thanks for thoughts!
  2. I think for the most part, each Chanel piece will be a classic..I personally LOVE the camdon line..and your sister is so lucky to get it as a gift from you :smile:
  3. Aw thanks! I actually only helped her find it and she's paying for it...BUT if it doesn't work out it'll be mine. I just wonder if it'll be too young looking for me...let's just say I'm not 20 anymore lol.

    Do you know how much the bowling holds? I have no looks like a decent size though most of my bags are larger, like bbag city size. Ha, look at me talking like it's already mien lol!
  4. I agree that every Chanel piece is a classic. I am in absolute love with the Cambon line and believe it'll last through the "test of time."
  5. I too LOVE the Cambon line! Tried the MJ quilted, but it's just not quite the same!
  6. CHANEL = Classic, IMO:love:
  7. LOVE!!!!!!!!! any Chanel bag and the bowling bag DOES fit ALOT..I have the black with the white CC and I LOVE IT:biggrin: You should keep it:idea: if your sister does not want it;)
  8. Chanel? Timeless!

    I was at the boutique not too long ago and this woman of a "certain age" came in carrying the large Cambon tote and inside she had the Cambon pochette and wallet. She couldn't say enough wonderful things about it. So, it's a good pick....keep it!
  9. i have the pink/black bowling bag.. and i love it! i always fear getting it dirty tho. but it's classic in my eyes :smile:
  10. do you have to treat the pink with anything to keep it clean??? thanks girls!
  11. Okay, so the following is the opinion of a SA at the San Francisco NM --> I was comparing various Chanel bags, and when I tried on a Cambon, she said it was a trendy piece and to stick with either a non-Cambon tote or flap bag (cavier) if I wanted a classic piece that'll last me a while. Just wanted to share one SA's opinion, since you asked....
  12. I think the Cambon line will become classic. Especially the Pink Cambon, which will be highly sought after when it is discontinued. I think it can be carried by a woman of any age and it won't look too 'young' on anyone.
  13. I adore my cambon.. I don't think it is too trendy at all.
  14. Cambon is very classic. Given, not as classic as a classic, but it is definitely timeless!! ;)
  15. Well now you guys have me hoping she doesn't like it lol...