Chanel Cambon help Please!

  1. Is there anywhere I can go online to see the complete Chanel Cambon line collection? I own two pieces and want more but I want to see everything that is offered first. Thanks
  2. I would check the reference threads here. Unfortunately, that line has been discontinued so it won't be on the official Chanel website anymore. You can also try browsing eBay, but just becareful of the fakes.
  3. Not all of the Cambon line has been discontinued. According to my Nordstrom s/a, who is also the buyer for Chanel, the black/black and beige/beige will be going forward for spring 07. The black/white, white/black and beige/black have been discontinued.
  4. Thanks! Did Chanel ever make a zippered Cambon line wallet? I have 2 of the unzippered ones and saw a zippered one on eBay and was wondering if it is an obvious fake or if there is a wallet like that?? Forgive my newbieness... LOL I have only in the last year become a Chanle addict. Thanks again.
  5. There was a square-ish zip pouch thingy, kinda like large change purse. Is that what you mean?
  6. The one I have been seeing on eBay is an actual wallet that zips up and theres different compartments for cards and change and stufff. It has a small chain on the zipper that says Chanel...
  7. I have found these pictures somewhere in this forum before. ;) I really want a pink cambon wallet.
    mag3.jpg mag4.jpg mag12.jpg DSC_0217.JPG
  8. Thanks for the pics but the wallet I want isn't there! I am wondering if there even is a real version!
  9. There was a large cambon zip around wallet, I used to own it. My understanding is that it was only for sale in Hawaii.

    Here are some pics of mine.

    Hope this helps!

  10. YES!!! That is it! Does anyone know where I could get my hands on one?