Chanel Cambon Grand Shopper

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  1. Does anyone know how to authenticate the grand shopper tote? or does anyone know someone reputable who is selling it? i've been trying to sift through all the fakes on ebay and most are going for $1000+. How can i tell if its real or not? anything to look out for? serial number tag appearances or locations? quality of quilting? thanks! :confused1:
  2. I'd suggest that you post the auction links in the Authenticate! thread and you'll likely hear back from the experts quickly (they're great at that). From my experience with the Cambon's, some things to look out for are
    -- quality/craftsmanship of leather (it can be pretty obviously from the photos....most fake Cambon's I've seen have "weird"-looking leather)
    -- interior lining (color/print)
    -- hologram & authenticity card (e.g. font can be a big give-away)
    -- handles
  3. I agree! :biggrin:
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