Chanel Cambon flats

  1. hello! I'm new to the purse forum, so i'm still browsing and trying to find my way around. I really want the chanel cambon flats from a few seasons ago. I waited too long, and now I can't find them anywhere. Has anyone seen them? also, how much did they retail for? thanks!
  2. there are manyyyy threads that would answer your question about this if you would search for it on the search page and welcome to the purse forum !
  3. I recommend you search the forum im sure ull find the answer :smile:
  4. I like them.
  5. OMG I love mine. I just look at my toes when I walk.
  6. I love those shoes. I came across a pair in Vegas in May and I, like a fool didn't get them. I regret it SO much. Good luck in your search. I'm looking for them again too.
  7. One SA in the chanel boutique in Frankfurt told me that ballerina in general, or even the cambon ballerinas, might be available in the summer time. I hope so, because I waited too long, too *cry* I want a pair!
    They are so cute, but... don't you think, that the Chanel CC's are a little bit too big? Once, I tried a pair and the white CC's just looked so huge... I had the feeling...that when I'll walk on the streets, all people would stare at my shoes...
  8. Bergdorf is expecting a shipment anytime. You can put your name on the waitlist with no obligation to buy.
  9. Luckily I have a pair of cambon flats. Anyway, lately I saw a couple of pairs were on sale in Harrods, London. Just few pairs with different sizes. All of them in beige with patent CC in same color.
  10. :yucky: keep your fakes to yourself - not welcome here!
  11. The Chanel store is Las Vegas has them in stock. I believe they retail $450 or $550. Something in that range.

    Chanel-Las Vegas 702-765-6587.

    Good Luck
  12. You will love them. I did need to go one half size up. Good luck.
  13. if ive learned anything from this site, those are fakes, because the bottem is red and the black ones have pink on the bottem. right?
    seems steep for fakes, i saw a site selling them for 60.
  14. Ugh. Ya those are fake.
    I have the real ones (black/black patent) that I had gotten at the Chanel store in South Coast Plaza in about November, I'd say. They had the ones I got, then the white/black ones. They might still have them, so I'd give them a call.
  15. I have the black with black CCs. You must go up a size. Everyone who bought them said they had to... they fit really small.