Chanel Cambon Flats

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    I am DYING!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed these flats.
    I am looking everywhere. I am a 9/40 - but I will squish my foot into a 39 if I have to. I am looking for AUTHENTIC ones ofcourse, in colors white on black (white ccs) or black on beige (black ccs).
    If you have got yours in the last month pleeease let me know where. xx

    Thanks girls :smile::yes:
  2. Berdorf has them in the black/black. I had a size 40 and returned them. I think they had lots in stock at that time.
  3. Just got them at Hirshliefer's in Manhasset today in a 37. I think they have your size. Give them a call!
  4. I love these, but do you all think they are worth the price?
  5. I have a pair of these with the very small heel on them in black on black and they are so comfortable. I have really worn them out on the cobblestones and rain here in Ireland. I got the heel part re-soled because it was in plastic and very, very slippy. The clear part of the sole is still going strong. I felt a bit foolish upon buying them but they immediately dress up very casual trousers. So even though I have been very hard on them they were totally worth the purchase price. Every time I felt tempted to buy a cheaper pair of flats they just didn't measure up! So they saved me money in the long run. HA!
  6. I felt the need to bump up this old thread...

    I just lost a bid to a pair of black cambon flats and am super pi$$ed!!!! Please where I can find a pair? There is no hope in Canada.
  7. It seems they are re-released for F/W, they had become totally unavailable in France since the last 2 years and they recently showed up again everywhere. I got mine shipped to Paris a few weeks ago from Chanel Houston, you should be able to find them pretty much everywhere in the US I guess. Houston also had the white CC on black combo.
    Good luck !!! :smile:
  8. LOL, super old thread indeed.

    Please feel free to start a new thread in our Shopping forum.

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