Chanel Cambon Flats owners ...

  1. did you go up a size when bought your shoes?
  2. Yes, I had to size up! :smile: What color are you looking to get? :heart:
  3. hi, i need to take sz 39.5 while normal chanel flats are sz 38.5.

    is it still available? i thought it's been sold out already...

    it's soft and comfortable, but the sole is designed for indoors only.
  4. Hmm I am a 6/6 1/2. Does anyone know which size would fit best for size in the middle like that?
  5. Hi all...I do not have the flats but tried them on today. I am an 8.5. The thing is, the SA told me they only come in whole sizes. I ended up going up a 1/2 to 9, but it still felt like my toes were scrunched up top while the back was kind of loose. So I did not buy them.

    However, if you are looking for the ballerina flats, they are available in black, white, and navy at the Chanel in Chicago.
  6. Yep
  7. There is one pair of black/white combo left in Toronto store. I put them on hold and hoping to pick them up tomorrow. I normally take a 38 and the ones they have are 39. I am hoping they'd fit!!!:smile:
  8. Black/white.:smile:
  9. I take one full size up in Chanel flats
  10. I wear marc by marc jacobs size 38 would i need a 39 in chanel? please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  11. ^^^ I think you would!:yes: