Chanel Cambon Bowler questions

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  1. I have a question about the Chanel Cambon Bowler....what are the measurements for this? I was wondering about the strap length from the shoulder.

    Also does the inside of the bag have a pocket for the cellphone? My medium tote doesn't have one, it just has 2 big pockets.

    Thanks for any info!!! :smile:
  2. 10.5"l x 6.5"h x 4"w.

    drop length = 9.

    There's a cell phone pocket and little slots for pencils/eyeliners/something-of-that width on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side.

  3. I dont know about anyone else...but there is no way I could fit my cell phone in the inside pocket. The opening is too close to the top of the bag. IMO. I always end up just putting lip gloss in it. And those pen slots are too tight to fit any pens that I have. I still love the bag though. :love:
  4. I can fit my cellphone in it. As for the pen slots. I didn't even notice them until I took my stuff out of it. I'm going to use them next time.
  5. mello_yello_jen: Thanks for the measurements! That is very helpful...I am considering the Bowler bag instead of the medium tote....I would LOVE to keep both! If I can find a black Bowler with black calfskin CCs that would be great....I will keep looking....
  6. I love the cambon bowler. I could kick myself for not buying one on sale when I had the opportunity. I think it is a nice size everyday bag and to me it is really pretty looking.
  7. I could put my cell phone in it too. I put a pen or a lip liner in the other slots.
Thread Status:
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