chanel cambon 2nd price cut at Saks

  1. Was anyone successful in getting a second reduction on chanel cambons bought at Saks, if so, PLEASE! tell me how you did it, I bought a black with white cc cambon Camera Case about 8 to 10 days ago with the 40% off from $1400., Can I get a second reduction from Saks, and how?-I asked the sa and they said no further reductions on chanel, but, if someone was able to do I am sure they might honor it.....forever grateful, otherwise I am going to have to return it since I have purchased too many bags in last 30 days.....Thank a Bunch!
  2. Consider yourself lucky to have gotten a discount off the black with white. From what I understand, those are not supposed to go on sale. It was mostly the pink/black and some places had the beige/black.

  3. I would second that as well....I wanted the black/white and was told that the sale was only for pink/black and beighe/black. You scored if you got the black/white bag.:graucho:
  4. I am happy to hear this, there were only two at saks, both camera case size, and also there were only two caviar bags in black with the very large CC stitched in white/creamish color both front and back, I got one of those also, all others were rust, burgundy,violet and the pink black, beige black cambon lines. Thanks for answering!
  5. Not fair, Canada needs Saks !!
  6. YES! I got my reporter at the additional 30% off. $3175 down to $1333! Beige with Black!
  7. you got a reporter? from which saks?
    i called a bunch of saks that other day and none of them has any cambon left.
    i had to go to neimans since i really want a cambon.
  8. That's a great price for the Reporter! I'm curious to know which store too, since I tried to get one from Saks with the additional markdown (hoping I could return my beige/back to NM which was $2222 with the discount). But every Saks I called had either sold out or said the beige/black Reporters they had leftover were damaged in some way (marks, stains).

    Hopefully yours is in good condition and was just a return from a customer who changed her mind.
  9. does the damaged reporters make it cheaper?
    which saks is it? can you pm me?
  10. No it doesn't make them cheaper. Someone will be willing to take it, marked up and everything. That's such a shame. Maybe if they really wanna get rid of them they will discount more, but at 70 percent, I doubt that.
  11. I think it was the San Francisco store. I can't remember! I'm not sure if they'll apply a further discount for a damaged bag but they might offer to clean it up and sell it at the current markdown. Unfortunately when I was calling stores I wasn't keeping track on paper... just trying to find a bag for sale.
  12. I got it at Saks at SCP ...... yes, it was a return, and was PERFECT! The interior hadn't been touched and the outside was the same. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time, although I wanted black/white. I couldn't pass on it, and I'm sure I'll come to love the beige/black.
  13. The kicker .......... Saks SCP doesn't carry Chanel!
  14. Your all lucky to have great deals in the states. I wish they sold chanel online
  15. I had a beige/black on hold that I decided not to get today. I posted a thread about it b-cuz i was going to give an interested PF'er the SA's info but nobody PM'ed me.

    Its gone now. She told me she had someone else interested once I told her to take it off hold.

    It was on sale too