Chanel Cake

  1. Would you believe that this is a cake? A friend of mine made it for a birthday party. It's so cute and tasted really good too! :p

    chanel purse cake 1.jpg

    chanel purse cake 2.jpg
  2. wow!!:drool:
  3. wow....
    it makes me hungry.....
  4. Cute!!
  5. That is amazing. Your friend is very talented!
  6. So cute! Love it:yes:
  7. Cool! That's a v cute cake!
  8. I want a piece!
  9. That is really cute; your friend has talent. It's almost a shame to cut a cake like that. Thanks for sharing.:yes:
  10. That's adorable!
  11. OMG!! Your friend is amazing!! How much time did it take her to make that? How did she do the 'stitching' on the bag?! Things like that make parties fun!!! :heart: Emmy
  12. wow.. thats really impressive! The cake is so cheery and cute!! :cutesy:
  13. it looks too pretty to eat!
  14. They made a really cute cake!
  15. That's just too cute.