Chanel cabas

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  1. :nuts: i love this bag. I was considering buying it on eBay instead of waiting on the list (im so impatient). Does any1 know if i can take a bag to the store and ask them to authenticate it?
  2. You could try asking this question at the Chanel sub-forum, I´m sure they will now. Also, there is an authenticate this thread in which you can authenticate it with the Chanel-lovers before buying.
  3. i also LOOOVVEEE the cabas :P
    i agree with nola, you should post this at chanel sub-forum.
    good luck!
  4. Yeah agree w/ nola & seahorseinstripes, post it to our chanel sub-forum for authenticity check. I think the boutique is no longer available for authenticity check, but you can always phone them and ask if they may. But first of all & most important thing is to check the seller's return & refund policies. Goodluck!
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