Chanel Cabas still available to buy?

  1. I really love the Chanel patent Cabas but looking on eBay am very wary as if they are sold out why would anyone part with it? Is it still available to buy anywhere reputable?
  2. I've contacted 6 different places, went on a wait-list and nothing. I tend to doubt it, but you never know.
  3. i dont know..but u can always try...i just got my baby cabas by calling several stores!
    and i was lucky...for long story short, it is about the right place at the right time.hehe...

    but if u're about desperate, u can always try eBay!
    i personally never bought from eBay, because im afraid of fraud and authenticity issue..
    good luck:smile:
  4. I think chanel cancelled all their re-orders for the black vinyl coco cabas. They aren't going to have them anymore according to my SA.
  5. my SA said the same thing

  6. :sad: Oh not looking good then. I too have an issue with the authenticity on Ebay and it is alot of ££££ to pay and be stuck with a replica . I am a newbie to Chanel so called them and asked a few questions so i could clarify details on the bag to ensure the one in particular i had seen on Ebay and believe to be authentic is but Chanel could not answer the questions for me. Would Chanel authenticate the handbag if i took it into them?
  7. does that mean that Chanel don't produce the vinyl anymore?
  8. if you take a bag to a chanel store, the employees are not supposed to authenticate it for you, it's against the rules, but try for a man because i had a fake (agh!) that i thought was real because i bought it off the internet and i took it to the store and one of the guys authenticated it for me even tho he wasn't supposed to. it turned out to be fake but he said it was the best fake he's ever seen. I returned it for a refund and now i am trying to decide between the white pst or the soft a chain pochette.

  9. wow... did u get a refund on the fake?

    could u share us how to differentiate the fake cabas? i've been trying to find out and asked on this forum but no one can seem to answer the question...
  10. I just saw a post that Joseph at Saks NYC had the denim if anyone is still interested...
  11. Yes i'm interested i did want the patent but this does not seem possible:confused1: I do love the denim and would be happy to find it . Do you know what the price is also as i am in the UK would i order online or telephone? thanks
  12. my SA said that Chanel wanted to make the seasonal bags more "special". so they didnt want to reproduce the vinyl. However...maybe due to the crazy popularity of the leather ones, they are getting some more in.