Chanel Cabas $995

  1. Just talked to my SA @ NM in Michigan, she's getting 6 of them this week, pm me if you want her contact info :smile:
  2. color, size?
  3. ^ im gonna say by the price that it is probably the vinyl in black
  4. Yes, it is the vinyl in black
  5. U rock! I am still looking for one. Thanks!

  6. pm sent
  7. Is there a waiting list for these 6 bags that they're getting in? Pinkpiano, just sent you PM for contact info. Thanks!
  8. She offers me one, but I told her I didn't want one but know tPFers would.

    She didn't mention about the waitlist at all.
  9. The bags are gone now. will post when i get a call again!
  10. wow! those went quick
  11. Patent cabas was available yesterday at Dallas Neimans as of yesterday afternoon.