Chanel C19 Light Blue Classic Flap - Strap Fraying

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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought a small classic flap in light blue from the boutique, this was the only one in the store and one of the only 2 in this region. It was in the storeroom instead of display, but the SA do bring it out for people to see.

    The SA told me this bag has only been on “storeroom display” for less than a week. Everything looks great, except with the chain strap, the leather looks quite frayed... Is this normal for a brand new bag? Or should I consider an exchange.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. I started a thread about my classic flap that had a slanted base and wouldn’t stand up straight. As well as this, I actually noticed the other day that the strap on my bag is also fraying like this! My trendy cc strap is not like this and I don’t recall any other flaps I’ve previously owned being like this. The caviar on my flap is quite a soft one compared to the more rigid, dull, matt ones, so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Mine was also brand new from the boutique.
  3. I noticed the same kind of fraying on both the 20C small gray and 20C small blue classic flaps. It seems to be due the (thinner?) leather. The SA said that's the way they were made for this season. It bothered me enough that I did not end up buying the bag. Would love to hear from other 20C small flap owners to see if they all face the same issue, or if there's hope for perfect condition ones out there.
  4. I don’t know why they don’t just seal the leather so it doesn’t fray like that.
  5. Oh no! Is it possible to get an exchange for your bag? To be honest, the fraying is not as noticeable in person, the picture looks a lot worse. And I have looked at other bags at home, including a gabrielle hobo, lambskin classic flap, clutch on chain... etc, none of them had fraying strap like this one, they all have thinner and/or smoother leather straps, instead of the grained calfskin leather strap on this light blue classic flap.

    I’ve texted my SA yesterday and she replied that it was her day off and her colleague would check the condition of the other products and she will get back to me, I guess I’ll just wait for her reply.
  6. I’ve asked my SIL who is a Chanel expert, and she said that this is normal. So I guess I’m okay with it if this is considered normal and that other brand new bags are being sold like this.

    But to be completely honest, I’m kind of disappointed with the quality of a not so cheap bag, they could’ve just sealed it and solve this problem. ‍
  7. Exactly my thought!! Now that’s another thing for me to inspect when shopping for another Chanel bag...
  8. exactly! There are so many things to look out for now. I thought the only issue with my classic flap was the slanted base but then I saw the fraying and also a loose stitch! I don’t think there’s any such thing as a perfect bag anymore.
  9. unfortunately I can’t get an exchange on my bag because it was a final exchange.
  10. That’s what my SIL said too, she said the quality is going downhill, bags made 10-20 years ago are of way superior quality, which is sad.
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  11. That’s too bad, I’ve just read your thread. I hope the bag will grow on you more and more, it’s a gorgeous caviar leather!
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  12. *runs to go check my light blue classic flap*
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  13. omg !! I didn't even notice..
    I checked my other classics from 19c and 17something
    & the leather looks totally different.

    excuse my crusty finger I just had barbecue wings & didn't wash my hands & ran to my closet when I saw this... they smell like new leather now (mmmm love that smell, but not when its bad leather! lol
    welp! at least your not the only one haha
    I would make a big thing about it but hubby would say I'm harassing the women in chanel :blah:

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  14. :biggrin::biggrin:
    Unfortunately I was told that this is normal and it depends on what leather they use, how thick it is that’s in the chain, if it is a thicker leather, they don’t fold and seal the raw leather, and so it will look like that. It bothered me a bit at the beginning, but now that this is considered “normal”, I don’t really mind it anymore, as I love love loveeee this color.

    And yes, my husband did tell me to just accept it and let it go, and not to bother the nice Chanel lady.:lol:

    P.S. I had barbecue wings the other day too!:biggrin:
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  15. Not all the flaps this season are like this as the previous flap I bought and returned due to squashed sides did not have this issue with fraying. I would have noticed it as I actually inspected the strap on that one. It’s so disheartening how many issues there are with my new flap. I just hope the fraying doesn’t get any worse for any of us.
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