chanel by phone

  1. I never been to a Neimans and last week I went to the one in newport and I was going to pay with visa and since they only take american express, I couldn't buy the purse . Now, here is my question how do I buy over the phone? do I just call and try and describe it? I don't know what it is called exactly. It was a small bag, with the chain and cc on the front and it is used in the ads and it only cost $795. So can I buy it through Neimans too? The sa said chanel boutique in southcoast had ran out of that style. Please help, I really want to buy it either through chanel or Neimans.
  2. You should try to get a style number and then call the Neiman's in Las Vegas. They are the only NM store that takes Visa and Mastercard. Also, try having them ship it to a friend or relative. Sometimes this waives the tax, even though you might have a store in your state. I'm not sure how they get away with it, but it's worked for me several times now.
  3. I have ordered over the phone from NM Las Vegas and had to pay tax so ??? I do have a NM in my state so I of course expected so.

    I think someone previously mentioned that the NM in Hawaii? also accepted Visa but don't hold me to it lol!
  4. yes, you can absolutely order over the phone:yes:
    Search for Cotton Club and see if it's the Cotton Club pochette. If it is, you can just tell them that w/o trying to describe it.
  5. Did you tell them it was a gift and have it shipped to a diffferent name and address?
  6. thank you, to everyone! I just ordered my bag through the neimans in Las Vegas! It was the black cotton club pouchette and it came out to $874
  7. yeehaw!:biggrin:
  8. another thing you can do is using your normal credit card and then buying the gift card with that and then using that to pay for your bag
    i've tried it once before i was using an international visa CC
  9. You can use a visa at the chanel boutique in Las Vegas (wynn or bellagio) and I'm pretty sure you don't get charged taxes.
  10. I had to overnight express air a money order to my out of state NM for my bag! It was easy, ....drag they don't take visa?!!