Chanel Butterfly Jewelry Spring/Summer Act 2

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  1. Hello everyone. I've searched the threads and wanted to know what is available in the whole collection. I received information by my SA who said that butterfly and cc post dangles, butterfly pearl dangles, a wide cuff, the thin lucite bangle, a simple necklace, and a barrette are what NM ordered.

    I'd like to know if the other stores or boutiques carry something else in this line. The CC post and earring dangles are very nice. I didn't know until I received them that there are very tiny crystal embedded between the filigree.

    Any information would be appreciated. Especially from Nordstrom as they have triple points this week.

    Thanks, pictures will follow ...
  2. I can't waitttttt!!!
  3. There are some pictures in the shopping forum. I've seen some of the items you listed and I think that's pretty much it.