Chanel business flap

  1. Can someone that owns one tell me what's the difference between this and jumbo flap? Are they typically cheaper than the jumbo flap?
  2. 1. The In Business flap is similar in size to the Maxi, hence bigger than Jumbo
    2. It is lighter than the Jumbo
    3. It's fabric-lined, Jumbo is lined in leather
    4. The exterior is smooth calfskin or vinyl as opposed to the lambskin or caviar leather of Jumbo
    5. It's much 'cheaper' (chanel-speak) than the Jumbo- 2600 (from what I know) vs 4900.

    There's a huge thread about the IB flap here:

    HTH. :biggrin:
  3. Is the business flap still available to buy? I thought they where a seasonal bag? I would love to purchase one.
  4. @Serrazane, Thanks for the detailed info!
  5. You're most welcome. :biggrin: I just noticed the pics in your signature! I think the IB flap are about the size of your Jumbo XL. Gorgeous bags you've got there!
  6. Am also looking to buying one but SA said seasonal and pray hard for its reappearance. Lol.