Chanel Business Affinity vs Coco Handle vs LV Pochette Metis

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  1. Been looking at these bag. I like them all particularly the top handle option. I'm looking for practicality and can use for a long time. Which one would you choose?

    IMG_7760.JPG IMG_7757.JPG IMG_7759.JPG
  2. I love Chanel Business Affinity [emoji7]
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  3. Chanel business affinity. Its really beautiful bag..
  4. Coco handle
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  5. For me, it's not about the price, but I prefer Pochette Metis amongst the three. I generally love Chanel bags, but not in these two styles.

    I feel Louis Vuitton has really hit its stride in the Pochette Metis design. It's the perfect dimensions, and the top handle is discrete, but functional. Overall, the shape and the lock is just so cute. Have fun shopping.
  6. Coco handle (or BA) I have the coco handle in the medium size and love it
  7. I prefer the top one but I'm sure the price difference would lead me to the PM.
  8. I also like the business affinity was in my head for ages. I don't own any Chanel but this would have been my first. Alas I got swayed away with LV new collections and now its a distance memory. Maybe oneday. Out of those 3 bags I would go for business affinity. The coco handle is gorgeous but the upright handles might be a bit annoying if worn crossbody.
  9. coco handle!
  10. I just reply to the same question in chanel subforum, but surprise BA gets more vote in LV forum. As mentioned, I have both BA and PM and never like the design of coco handle. Between the two, I prefer BA all the way but I love my PM too. I must add that BA lock feels more secure compare to PM. At least mine sometimes open by itself perhaps from incidental touch. Also it sometimes not easy to close PM with one hand
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  11. Business Affinity.
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  12. Coco handle, it just looks more polished to me. But I would use it more as handheld bag with occasional shoulder or xbody.
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  13. I vote coco handle. I'm not a fan of the PM. I own the coco handle and returned the BA. It looked cute crossbody but didn't hold much, plus the bag keep falling forward.
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  14. Went to the boutiques today.

    Tried on a blue, small Coco Handle. Really liked it! (Want in black though).

    The Chanel boutique did not have the Business Affinity. I was informed that they had a new shipment so will let me know when it comes in. I've never seen the BA in person so think I need to try it as well before making a decision.

    Tried the Pochette Metis but felt it was too casual for me.

    Thank you all so much. Will update when I make a decision.
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  15. Coco Handle, hands down! Elegant and stunning! Not a Business Affinity fan; tried it on and don't like the feet on the bag or the way it sticks out from the body. I love Emp leather but prefer the PM in Monogram for some reason. I am first and foremost a lover of LV, but when Chanel is an option.....:smile: If you want a more casual bag, I would go for the Emp PM. I can see why the Coco Handle might look "dressy" to some.

    ETA: Sounds like it's between the two Chanel bags. Let us know what you choose!
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