Chanel Business Affinity or Hermes Garden Tote

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  1. Beautiful, looks like crossbody? Great bag!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Please update with your real bag when it comes. Wondering about the inner material. The BA really varies from season to season
  3. Thank you!!! Yes, it is a great crossbody. Different from the Pochette metis, there is no glazing on the flap and the hardware (chain) doesn’t rub on the flap since it is hooked on top. Oh has feet
  4. Will do!
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  5. Great choice! This one is definitely better than athe PM (had one, sold it) and the GP will serve a completely different function and is a great first H bag. Congrats!
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  6. Yes ba beautiful
    Love it
    Set gp as your next goal
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  7. I have a person vendetta against Hermes - ever since I found out a Birkin cost $800 to make. It seems like you got a wonderful little LV there that does the job of the Chanel. So why not go with the GP?
  8. Did you get it in caviar? I love it. I also had my eye on a PM but this looks way better. Sometimes the PM looks a little plasticy in photos (is that what you mean by glazing?). Is it heavy when wearing as a crossbody? Let us know how it wears once you get it in. Congrats!
  9. Yes, i got it in caviar. Keep in mind that the caviar on this bag is not as shiny as the other caviar bags we are used to seeing, which I like on this black version. Glazing is like a “seal” on edges of the bag. In simple terms almost like a “glue” to keep the edges of the bag protected from damages. So with the PM there was some kind of “bad chemistry” used to produce the glazing which caused cracks and melting. I put some of my things inside when I was at the store and it didn’t feel heavy at all. It is a light weight bag IMO
  10. I like the style of the Chanel and I only have a Chanel woc so I wanted to expand my collection. I have a lot of totes so the GP will come next
  11. I honestly like this over the classic flap. I have an urban companion which looks similar to this and I love it. The top handle is a great feature. I only like crossbody and top handles myself. This is such a cute weekend bag, elegant and casual at same time!
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