Chanel Business Affinity or Hermes Garden Tote

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  1. Garden party for sure. It's a great bad that isn't trendy.
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  2. Def the GP. I have two in 36 and love them!
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  3. Nope it comes in the bag. It is a fabric pouch ... like a sac. And the pattern on the aligns aesthetically with the color of the bag. I didn’t take pictures of the interior. I should have :sad:
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  4. The leather on that bag is out of this world. I am not being dramatic. I had never touched their leathers before and I was impressed with their work. Now I understand the Hermes fever. They make us elevate our standards BIG time. I love their scarves.... so pretty. Yes, take a look at the bag. It is totally worth it. I might go with it. I am waiting for the mini in lambskin with vintage g/h that us coming out on Act ii and I will get the GP after that. Thank you ladies!!!!!! You guys are delightful
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  5. I have the black GP in leather with silk interior and matching twilly ,it’s beautiful .Totally different league to Chanel .I do have Chanel bags too but the ones you showed are different meaning one is casual other dressy .Depends what you need the use for .Good luck .
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  6. Would be for work. I think I will get the mini in lambskin and this one for work and enjoy my first Hermes bag!!!!
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  7. Really? I'm curious to see what that looks like. I'm sure it's beautiful
  8. I'm on the list for chanel mini but heard no caviar so my wait continues. In the meantime, I got my eyes on this! Be sure to update us with pics later!
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  9. My GP is like this ,bit small though I did not want large

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  10. You are correct. My SA told me no caviars on minis on act ii. I decided to get the lambskin so I can at least try the leather out on the small bag. But I’m still on a waiting list for the mini in caviar. I really want to try a hermes bag. I just bought a small card holder this week and I am enjoying it so far
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  11. Just to give you all an update that I went for the BA medium. I could not stop thinking about it. I love the Garden Party also so I will get it towards end of the year. Thank you so much for your engaging replies. The bottom line is: i want the best of both worlds. I was also considering Pochette metis but once I was introduced to Hermes I was a little disappointed with the glazing issues on the PM. So I decided to replace the PM with the BA and get the GP towards my bday.

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  12. And I removed my name from the lambskin mini list i will destroy that lambskin lol. I know myself
  13. Congratulations on your BA, great choice!
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  14. Congratulation on your choice. It took me a few weeks to overcome regret not buying classic instead. But it grows on me the more I use it and now I can’t imagine the regret I would’ve had if I didn’t buy it. I’m sure you will enjoy her a lot!

    Btw is that your real picture? I didn’t know the inside is burgundy fabric. Mine is full leather. Not burgundy but all black.
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  15. Thank you so much !!!!
    Yes, it is my pic. I was trying out the bag in store but The bag I got had to be ordered since they only had displays.
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