Chanel Business Affinity or Hermes Garden Tote

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  1. hello ladies, i had to pick a forum and chanel it is. These are very different bags but I would use them as an everyday bag. Can’t pick both unfortunately.
    Here’s why I am undecided:
    I really liked this chanel BA
    1- it’s caviar
    2- fits my essentials
    3- it is beautiful
    Not sure it is a classic since it’s seasonal but it seems to keep coming back. I am afraid i’l Kick myself for not getting before another price increase
    Hermes Garden 36
    For less $ i get more bag and the leather is phenomenal!! The G tote is a beautiful bag and I have never owned a Hermes this will be the first one
    Pics attached. I am grateful as always for your feedback

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  2. Mmm I think this comes down to a capacity issue...the H tote will obviously carry a lot more but if you don’t need that much room on a daily basis, I’d go for the Chanel. I love the look of the business affinity and it seems more versatile (day to night) whereas the tote is more casual. Good luck - both are great bags!
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  3. If quality is the only factor which matters, GP is a clear winner.

    But buy the one which you get the most out of use and don't make your choice based on popularity or price increases. There's no one model fits all...
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  4. I say maybe look at your current bag collection and get the bag that fills some kind of gap in your collection.
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  5. Thx. I would definitely get more use out of the GP. Thank you
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  6. I WANT that GP but in 30. :loveeyes: I think it's a perfect everyday bag.
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  7. I have Chanel BA and it’s my most favourite bag in my entire handbag collection, but seems like you really want and love GP. Both are beautiful, good luck deciding!
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  8. I actually love the BA but I am trying to
    build an inventory of classics. But I think that BA is beautiful but I tend to use totes a lot during the week and smaller bags for the weekend
  9. That Garden Party color is phenomenal. GP is a good staple piece that you'll end up using lots!

    If you buy the GP, welcome to the club. It's a slippery slope !
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  10. By the way, they are introducing the Garden pouch (at least my SA said it’s new) That blue bag in the pic above comes with a BEAUTIFUL printed pouch inside that has snap buttons so you can attach it to the bag to prevent it from falling out or being stolen. Also it has a cord that you can pull to close the pouch. So nobody sees your belongings. All they see is this beautiful print that looks like one of their scarves
  11. Oh dear .... tell me about it :nuts: i never walked into a Hermes before but two weeks ago I decided to take a step of faith and now it’s fragrances, jewelry, card cases...... handbag I told my SA to keep an eye on “that Kelly” for me
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  12. Oooooooh boy. 2 weeks in and they already got you! Sounds like a Kelly should be coming your way soon :smile:
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  13. Really? Purchased separately I’m sure?! I just love the simple design. If you end up getting it, please share detail pics!
  14. I know what you mean. I haven’t really been interested but just happen to buy a twilly online on a whim and had it delivered to my home and I just fell in love. Within a wk, I bought 3 more silks and got confirmation today that they are ready. I’m afraid to go into the boutique to pick it up bc I know I’m not gonna want to leave! Seeing your pic above...hope they don’t have any GP for me to look at......:eek:
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  15. I'm very drawn to the BA, but out of these two I would go with the GP. Absolutely stunning and I have my eyes on it as well.
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