Chanel Business Affinity Bag

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  2. @lee_dya thank you! I took the plunge yesterday and purchased the small black one from my local boutique! I didn't try the back pocket without the phone case yet, but at least the phone fits in the main compartment. I just love how cute it looks at the smaller size. :smile:
  3. Yes, the small size is very cute yet still very practical. Congratz for your new BA!!
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  4. Hi Cocosiena, sorry about the delay in reply just saw this! Here is the code: A93608 Y82224 4B977.
  5. Hi Trixie, this is the style code: A93608 Y82224 4B977. Hope this helps!
  6. No worries! Thanks for taking the time to share the code! Hope you’re enjoying your beautiful bag!
  7. Does anyone know if this color is still being offered now? [emoji178]

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  8. Yes, but in quit flap instead of smooth flap.
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  9. It was available for spring at Neimans and Nordstrom. I got mine from NM about 2 months ago, maybe check with those two stores.
    This season the flap is quilted, not smooth.
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  10. How much did it cost you? I’m flying out to Thailand soon and might drop by to Singapore .. thanks
  11. This is the one I saw.. wish it was in medium tho.. it's the PERFECT green !!! 20180609_161638.jpg
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  12. I think it was around SGD 5800.
  13. Adorable! Thanks for sharing! I'm debating bw the small and medium... Does an iPhone 6 fit into the exterior back pocket?
  14. Hi! I have iphone X (which is slightly bigger than iphone 6) and my iphone (without the phone case) can fit into the exterior back pocket, but you might strech the leather. I personally don’t recommend to put it there. The size small is really cute and I still can wear it crossbody too (I’m only 5’2”). If you are on the taller side and carry a lot of things with you, I think size medium is better.
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  15. Than
    I am the same exact height as you! I was really hoping to fit my phone with the case in the exterior pocket on the small. Maybe I need the medium then... Thank you so much!