Chanel Business Affinity Bag

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  1. Hi Everyone the BA is back at Chanel and wondering what your experience is with the shoulder strap drop - I am 5’4 and whilst the length is okay for crossbody I find it long for a shoulder strap. Does anyone else my height or shorter find they use this bag less due to the shoulder drop length ? Any advice is appreciated !!
  2. I just bought the BA large in this season’s dark pink/fuschia. I had a jumbo that I really wanted to work as a daily bag but it just couldn’t fit all my daily essentials. The BA large fits more than jumbo and has useful compartments. the chain strap is a perfect length for me for crossbody (I’m 5’5) and tolerable as a shoulder bag, I will usually use it as crossbody anyway. Love this functional style and the pop of color!
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  3. Congratulations! Does this season offer dark pink? I thought it was just light pink. Do you mind showing a photo? Thank you!
  4. IMG_0363.jpg

    Thank you! It’s more of a hot pink I should say, a very vibrant bright pink. I’m not sure if it’s current season, but the boutique only had one piece on display yesterday and I didn’t want to buy a display piece, so they had a brand new piece transferred in this morning and I went back to the boutique to buy it. There was a green color as well, and black which is sold out. I’m in Singapore though and I’m not sure if the selections are different?

    Have been waiting for a Chanel caviar bag in a bright pink color in a functional size, and this ticks all the boxes!
  5. This is to die for !! Honestly I am such BA lover that I want it in every color possible. I am pretty sure it’s not available in US though unless it’s going to be a fall season and maybe you are getting it early. I saw green BA and I also love it. It’s such a wonderful practical bag. Yours is a real eye candy and will certainly get you a lot of complements.
  6. Thank you! I am so obsessed with this bag and I couldn’t sleep last night waiting for it to arrive in store and I rushed to the store first thing in the morning to wait for it [emoji1] thank God it arrived at noon. You may be right, that it could be a Fall color but the SA was not very informative or knowledgeable about the colors and I assumed that it was current season. The green was stunning too, green is my favorite color and under normal circumstances it would’ve been my first choice, but I was really looking for a pink Chanel bag to add to my collection since I already have an army green small Boy.
  7. I saw this bag in pink at Chanel in Palm Beach a few weeks ago. I fell in love with it! I’d love to see the green if anyone has a photo!
  8. This is gorgeous!
  9. Your bag is gorgeous! Love the color. Can you please post the style number or tag? I want to try to find one. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Cocosiena, would love to post the style number but I’m not sure where to look for it [emoji28] is it the number that is in my receipt? Thank you.
  11. I'd love to see the green one someone mentioned.
  12. If they give you a tag, it’s usually the number on tag. For minis, it starts with A69900. Not sure what the business affinity starts with. Thanks!
  13. hi all! I haven't seen the BA's in person yet but am wondering if the smallest size can fit an IphoneX in the back slit pocket? Or will the small BA be too small? TIA! :smile:
  14. Nope, won’t fit in the back pocket. Just the main one.
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  15. I LOVE this color! Can you provide me with the color code, please?
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